Scratching Post 3: Network Operational and More Features to Come!

After weeks of the network mostly being offline, we're finally running again! Sorry for the delay, but this means you can finally join Bedwars again!

In addition, Vanilla has been updated to Minecraft 1.14 and the whole network can be joined with 1.14.1, so you can all get some good performance now! Keep in mind that Bedwars can be joined with Minecraft 1.8 up through 1.14.1 for your convenience.

With Minecraft 1.14 comes a ton of problems as usual. The key one is performance, both server and client. Minecraft 1.14 should help with this a bit, but don't let anything stop your fun! Plugins will continue to update to 1.14 as needed, but the network isn't too hindered by plugin updates. Most of the network isn't even dependent on Minecraft 1.14, so we're sitting pretty well in that regard.

Due to this catastrophic event, I'll have a 50% off sale starting next week, to last about two weeks. It's also to commemorate the freedom of people as they are released from school, at least if you live in the United States. I can't say anything for other people. Supporting the server is a great way to show your dedication to this fun place, but don't go thinking the only way to do that is by buying things! You can build community places, help out other players, and generally just be a great person. If you're worried about ranks, I wouldn't - there are sometimes giveaways and once voting is reincorporated there will be awards associated with that. So game on, and don't stress!

On another note, the Factions server has lost a ton of important data, so I've decided to re-open it as something else based on the Discord community's choices. We'll see what happens next, I'm excited!

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