Scratching Post 1: New Website, Factions Rebalance Inbound

Welcome to the first post on the new website! These kinds of posts will happen quite regularly, with a purpose of recapping what's been happening and forecast what may yet be in the works. Let's get right into it!

The new website, which you've most likely seen if you're looking at this, is still in development so you might see a few changes here and there. Overall, I think it'll be a good place to share news where everyone should have access, unlike the Discord server where almost everyone has access. News and updates will most likely be posted here, as well as featured members, top voters, etc.

Factions will be undergoing some changes this weekend which will impact the current dynamic a lot. Per the community's voting, these are the changes that will occur:

  • Scripted alts are now banned (no AFK accounts executing commands)

  • Iron Golem spawners will now only be available via the vote and spawner chests

  • The Nether and End will have a limited size

  • (VERY CONTROVERSIAL) many people have voted for an all-out Overworld reset, including all player data (enderchest, inventory, balance, vaults). I'll be asking about this one a little more.

Since the full data reset is a pretty extreme change, I'll be going over it with the other staff members to see what they think. Personally, I can see good and bad things that could come from that.

In other news, voting is now operational again! Voting supports the server and it can get you some really useful rewards, so give it a shot whenever you have time. It's free!

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